Welcome to the PKTorrents official website.

    Im please to announce that work on PKTorrentsV0.3(alpha) has begun. v0.2 wont be released as its the building blocks for v0.3. Over the last several months since pktorrentsv0.1b was released I have had good and bad feedback from the script. Overall I get the impression that its time for a spruce up!!

    Its development will be my only PHP project. Until it is completed anyone asking for "Private" modding requests, will be ignored as the time I do have I need to focus on the "Official" release. I am always interested in people coming forward with requests and ideas though.

There is currently no release date for v0.3(alpha).

This will be the user/developer base for PKT from now on.

I will keep you updated throughout the progress of development
     NOTE: The "So Called - TROJAN" reported in PKTv0.1(beta) Was NOT! I Repeat NOT put in there on purpose to attempt to hack or screw anyone over. AV scanners have been reported to pick up a  php remote backdoor trojan, this is happening because of some source code i took from a different script, the script was in fact a backdoor trojan but was edited to be used as a base for the admin in PKTorrents. it had some really nice features that I liked. Anyways no public access to the file was ever possible and you needed to be logged in as admin on PKTorrents to be able to get past the first few lines of code.lol so it was secure..... So as of this false positive!! the shell part of the script will not be available in PKTv0.3a.

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