PKTorrents v0.x

Is a torrent indexer with built in crawler,P KTorrents has the functionality to crawl the top torrent sites, Meganova, Mininova, Piratebay, Snarf, Torrentportal, Torrentspy and adding 1000's of torrents to the db as it gos using the well know ibitzy torrent spider/crawler!!

In under 3 days it can crawl over 4TB of data and add those torrents to the site, you can set it to allow only members to download the torrents or only members upload the torrents or a free for all. add BB code to the torrent descriptions, Rate torrents, and comment about them you can also link it to your forums... It GPL licenced open-source so do with it what you will.
Find it here on Sourceforge

Download Here.

*It is written in PHP and uses a mySQL backend it has been tested on apache2triad(WAMP) and redhat linux, so in other words it will work on most hosting with PHP.

*Note: It is highly recommended you check with your hosting provider, that your allowed torrents on there servers, as many torrents are used to distribute copyrighted content!!!

Also many "FREE HOSTING" plans disable important PHP functions that make PKTorrents work like fsockopen();  If PKTorrents dont work for you then this is most probable reason. Dedicated servers are recommended.



Ibitzy crawling.

Edit Main config.php from inside PKTorrents.

Torrent details page using AJAX.

Admin home.

User home.

Changes in Pr0xyk1LLs version:

*Changed Layout and added the functionality of changing the layout and colour/theme in the config file.
* Added Torrent Rating.
* Added Torrent Update.
* Added Ajax For Torrent details.
* Added Copyright section.
* Added Ibitzy Torrent Spider WITH STATS! Into Admin.
* Added Files popup on main.
* Added Global downloads.
* Changed Admin Layout.
* Added BB Code for Torrent Descriptions.
*Added SBTv1 Tracker (Still in Beta, But it works) Next version will have better stats on each torrent.

*Added BBclone Site stats.

*Added a system shell, for admin of the server.

If you would like to help with the development please let me know. knowledge of PHP/MySQL required, Graphic design is a bonus ;-p

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