Step by step with the changes made and a todo.


I turned my computer on this morning to find that windows has destroyed ALL my work!!!. It looks like I goto start again :-( VERY ANNOYING

v0.3(Alpha) - Coming soon.

Fixed some minor bugs including an SQL injection in the search function.

Removed BBClone stats script - coz im gunna make my own, with webtrail and stats on the most viewed downloads with ip recording.

Removed shell.php admin base - coz all the complaints about it being a trojan.

Added extra content on main page - Your uploaded torrents (gets results based on users torrents).
                                                            Most seeded torrents (gets torrents based on how many seeders there are).
                                                            Most leeched torrents (gets torrents based on how many leeachers there are).

Added new feature where images(Covers, screenshots) are added/uploaded by admin:
Images are randomly displayed on index.
Images are displayed by search term on the search results page.
ALL added images will link to the desired search term.

REDESIGNED ( install.php )
It installs PKTorrents now adding the db, creating the NEW header.php/config.php/conf.php.

Added the function to delete more then one torrent at a time from Admin / Dead Torrents.

v0.2 - Not Released


v0.1(beta) - First Release

Changed Layout and added the functionality of changing the layout and colour/theme in the config file.

Added Torrent Rating

Added Torrent Update

Added Ajax For Torrent details

Added Copyright section

Added Ibitzy Torrent Spider WITH STATS! Into Admin

Added Files popup on main

Added Global downloads

Changed Admin Layout

Added BB Code for Torrent Descriptions

Added SBTv1 Tracker (Still in Beta, But it works) Next version will have better stats on each torrent

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